Singles by the Evereddi Brothers


This solemn and beautiful exploration of dying love explores the moment that one realizes their relationship is failing. The situation is made more hopeless by the thought that there were once healing steps but now it is too late…

Well maybe you know something I don’t know

Is my life getting smaller or has yours begun to grow?

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“When I’m with You”

This inspired alt-country thumper evokes a lazy summer day on the porch with a cold brew in one hand while your love dances in the tall grass. Terrific mandola playing and duet melodies are enriched by the guest appearance of talented vocalist, Jaquelynn Herrera.

Killing time, watching the day drift by my complicated, confiscated life

We want peace and we want freedom we want to have no fear

Find your truth and fear will disappear
Dead soldiers piling up on the porch outside our door

Un-recycled casualties of war

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Albums by The Evereddi Brothers

Dancing Dog (Released April 2017)

The brothers Evereddi have a lot on their minds and it comes through clearly on their recent release, Dancing Dog. If you like guitars and can’t get enough of catchy melodies and tight vocal harmonies, then we think you’ll be hitting replay on many of these songs.

Full lyrics to Dancing Dog album.

“Dancing Dog” by the Evereddi Brothers is available now on any the following sites…

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